GitLab vs GitHub: Major Differences and Similarities

Both services offer free plans with unlimited repositories (public and private). They also limit access to advanced management, security, and compliance features in their free options. ItHub has a marketplace for selected tools, while GitLab offers multiple integrations for development and DevOps teams. GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with world-class CI/CD.

Priorities changed and you’re halfway through a new feature

That’s not to say that GitHub isn’t a good option for open source code, as it does offer instant access to the majority of these developers. GitHub also encourages them to contribute to open source each Friday, regularly expanding the number of public resources available. For example, GitLab offers continuous integration, time tracking, and backups by default. With GitHub, however, you’d need an app for that functionality, such as the free CI app Jenkins. GitLab supports integrations with Asana, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Gmail, and 30+ other apps and platforms. While you can set up a CI/CD workflow with GitHub, you need to work with a third-party CI tool like TravisCI or CircleCI.

Deploying PHP to Azure App Service

In CircleCI, you can add continuous testing into a pipeline as a series of steps within a job. Alternatively, as with Sauce Labs, you can use an orb from the CircleCI library that will handle most of the heavy lifting, and the test suite can be run in a single step. The sample YAML below imports the orb and then runs it within the job as a single step by passing it in the directory in which the application is stored. This chart below shows all the steps included in building and delivering a mobile app update. The gray steps are automated, while the blue steps are manually orchestrated. The automated steps include running a shell command, creating a branch, opening a pull request, creating an issue and GitHub release, and assigning a developer.

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  2. For example, you can run a workflow to automatically add the appropriate labels whenever someone creates a new issue in your repository.
  3. It’s been a great balance between a managed service and the flexibility of running it yourself.
  4. With GitLab you can run your CI/CD jobs in separate, isolated Docker containersby using the image keyword.

How to Manage Software Development Outsourcing: Must-know Tips

These platforms have evolved into comprehensive ecosystems supporting the entire software development lifecycle. Whether managing private repositories, integrating third-party tools, or navigating the complexities of CI/CD, the choice between GitLab and GitHub impacts how your Git projects unfold. The CI/CD options from GitLab, in my opinion, do not seem to have the same level of support in the ecosystem github actions vs gitlab for prebuilt items to help with continuous testing. Again, as with the other CI tools, a single command is run in the workflow with some parameters included in a configuration file (primarily the location of the application to test). Git is an open source distributed version control system (DVCS) that allows developers to work on the same project from anywhere and even if they’re offline.

Most companies turn to cloud-based solutions when working with larger remote or distributed teams. And its popularity is mainly driven by the highly active GitHub community of millions of developers. You can discuss problems and maybe learn a few unofficial but awesome hacks there. On the other hand, GitLab undertook some great activities, such as hosting community events and connecting open source contributors. Both GitLab and GitHub support a wide range of third-party integrations, enhancing workflow efficiency. When thinking about moving to GitLab or GitHub, you should also consider the setup costs and resources needed for getting started.

You don’t have the same platform of CI features that interact directly with your GitHub repository. The most significant difference in user experience is GitLab’s dedication to CI (continuous integration) and a DevOps workflow. There are no significant areas where one provider offers support and the other doesn’t. GitHub is one of the original cloud-based Git platforms that lets developers host and monitor their code changes. On the other hand, GitLab is pretty strong on enterprise features, too.

GitLab includes an integrated wiki that facilitates creating, sharing, and maintaining project documentation. So teams can keep all their documentation in one place, easily accessible and up-to-date, ensuring that knowledge is shared and preserved within the team. Groups together all the jobs that run in the learn-github-actions workflow.

GitHub has an Actions Marketplace with thousands of actions ready to use. These actions allow us to improve our workflow with things like installing language environments, caching data between jobs, or deploying a project with just a couple of lines of code. And if you don’t find the action you need you can create your own action and publish it in the marketplace.

The uses keyword specifies that this step will run v4 of the actions/checkout action. This is an action that checks out your repository onto the runner, allowing you to run scripts or other actions against your code (such as build and test tools). You should use the checkout action any time your workflow will use the repository’s code.

Beyond merely managing code, ClickUp offers an all-encompassing solution for software teams to handle every aspect of their projects. ClickUp’s features support the complete software development lifecycle from ideation through to release and maintenance. Workflows are defined in the .github/workflows directory in a repository, and a repository can have multiple workflows, each of which can perform a different set of tasks. Today, GitLab offers many DevOps features, like continuous integration, security, and even app deployment tools.

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